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Artéquité est créateur, importateur, distributeur et revendeur de produits artisanaux et issus du commerce équitable.

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  Shipping & Handling  
The products are sent along with the invoice to the address mentioned by the customer on the order form. Taxes are included in shipping and handling costs. The customer may specify another delivery address, different from the billing address. In this case, the invoice will be sent separately to the customer’s address.
The purchased items from Artéquité can be delivered to Metropolitan France (for other destinations please contact our Client Services).
A fix shipping and handling charge of 9, 00 € (VAT included) will be invoiced (except specific commercial operations).

The delivery will be processed and sent to the address mentioned by the customer once the order is confirmed. The order will be sent by La Poste or by another delivery service unless otherwise informed by the customer. The delivery will only take place once the order has been confirmed and the payment made. Should the bank refuse the payment, the order will automatically be cancelled and the customer will be informed by e-mail. 
If the customer is absent at the time of the delivery, a delivery notice will be left in the customer’s mailbox. This notice will enable the customer to claim the package from the post office (within 15 days following the date of the delivery notice) or the carrier’s office (a delivery notice will likewise be left for the customer to contact their office to find a suitable delivery date).
In order to optimize the delivery we would be obliged if the customer could provide an address available during working hours.
The delivery will be considered as definitively made on the date of the first attempt of delivery to the address mentioned by the customer. The goods will be handed over in exchange of the customer’s signature of the delivery order.
It is the customer’s responsibility to check the conformity of the delivered goods at the moment of the delivery before signing the delivery order.
Any problem regarding the delivery (damage, missing item(s), damaged package, broken item(s)...) must absolutely be indicated on the delivery order form together with the customer’s signature. The carbon copy of this document must be kept by the customer. The customer will also confirm this problem by sending the delivery services a registered letter with acknowledgement receipt explaining the mentioned complaints within two (2) working days following the delivery date.
The customer will forward a copy of this letter by fax or by mail to Artéquité.
The possible delays do not give the customer right to claim any damage and / or interest.
The cases considered as force majeure that exonerates the seller from performing his duty of delivery are wars, riots, fires, strikes, accidents, the impossibility to get supplies or any other unpredictable cause.
The goods are always carried at the recipient's risk. Please, always check the package as soon as you get it. In case of damage or missing item(s) you have 48 hours to send a letter informing the delivery service of the problem you have identified at the time of the delivery. Due to the unavailability of one of the products, an order can be delivered to the customer at different times. The customer will then pay for the delivery cost only once. If the customer would like the goods to be delivered to 2 different places, then he/she places 2 orders with two shipping and handling charges.
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